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Journeyman Commuter Leather Messenger Bag


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Journeyman Commuter Leather Messenger Bag


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Minimalist Leather Messenger Bag For 13" Laptops

"The Journeyman Bag will become an asset in almost every travel situation" -

"A grownups messenger bag... because the bag you wear should send a message, not just deliver it" -

"One step closer to our Indiana Jones fantasy" -

"This bag will only get better looking with time" -

Your commute just got cooler. The Journeyman is a cross-body minimalist messenger bag made from high-end, full-grain, Latigo Saddle Leather. Think of it as your Laptop wallet. Featuring an innovative laptop suspension technology for a 13" laptop or iPad Pro that gently cradles your tech, lifting it away from your back, allowing the bag to conform to you and not your stuff. The more you put in it the more comfortable it becomes!

The Journeyman’s unique styling and fit makes it a true stand out with its 2" padded side-mounted strap that disperses weight evenly across your shoulders and stays in place perfectly. It will become your new lifelong traveling partner for all your EDC that only gets better with age. There is an adventure in every bag, we guarantee it.

Journeyman Features:

  • Cross-body messenger design
  • Side mounted 2" padded strap
  • Rugged full-grain Latigo Saddle Leather
  • Marine grade nylon stitching (used in parachute construction)
  • Solid steel hardware
  • Herringbone lining
  • Suspended floating 13" laptop/iPad Pro pocket
  • Leather iPad pocket
  • Leather iPhone pocket
  • Covered pocket for chargers
  • 3 quick access document pockets
  • Hidden passport pocket
  • 3 Pen / Stylus holders
  • 10 year leather warranty
  • Dimensions: 14.5" Wide x 10" Tall x 2.5" Deep
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Read more details here

Is the Journeyman Commuter for me?

Yes if...
… You know what EDC stands for. #Everydaycarry
… You see Minimalism as a way of life, not just an art form
… You know the best pizza joint in each of the 5 boroughs
… You know the difference between SoHo, SoMa, and MoMA
… You navigate the concrete jungles like Tarzan in skinny jeans
… You have a complicated relationship with your mustache
… Your single speed bike costs more than most people’s first car
… Your music collection is curated as fastidiously as the Louvre
… You live life one cold-brewed coffee at a time
… You decide what cafe to hit up based on internet speeds
… Your business suit hangs next to your wet suit
… You wait each year for that special craft brew
… You wonder why “early adopters” are always so late to the party

Still not sure? Read a day in the life of the Journeyman Commuter bag.