FAQ – The Intrepid Bag Co | Leather Bags and Accessories


What is your warranty?

100% satisfaction guarantee. 14 day money back promise. 10 year leather warranty. We use only the highest quality leathers and construction materials for our products. It’s easy to guarantee something that is made to last! If one of our bags fails during the decade you use it due to a manufacturer defect, then we will make it right with an exchange or repair. Shoot us an email at info@intrepidbags.com and we’ll take care of you.


What is your return policy?

14 Day Money Back Promise. Within 14 days you can return your bag in brand new condition for a refund. All returns must be accompanied by an RMA (returned merchandise authorization). Just shoot us an email at info@intrepidbags.com (stuff that we can’t refund include the shipping costs and customs fees/import duties and taxes for international orders)


Can I change or add to my order?

Of course! As long as the order has not been marked ’Shipped.’ Please shoot us an email as soon as possible at info@intrepidbags.com


How do I cancel my order?

Ruh-Roh! Please immediately contact at info@intrepidbags.com to cancel an order. Orders can usually be canceled within 24 hours. Orders cannot be cancelled after this period, or after the carrier has picked up the shipment. Intrepid Bag Co is not responsible for shipping costs associated with order cancellations or product returns.


Do you ship Internationally?

We do! We ship all over the world through FedEx International Priority. We’ll ship almost anywhere in the world with 2-3 day shipping! You heard that right order on Monday get the bag by Thurssday! How’s that for snazzy. (PLEASE NOTE: import fees, VAT, and other associated additional fees are your responsibility, we do not pay those)


Are there import fees in my country?

If you are outside the US then probably. :( Please check your local customs website for import fees as each country varies. You will not receive your package until these import fees are paid. All import fees are your individual responsibility, we do not pay them. Good news if you live in Australia: There are no import fees on orders under $800 US!


When will my bag arrive?

Shipment times vary and are listed on the site. Generally they are same or next business day from order date. Priority Mail/FedEx Ground is 2-4 days from ship date, and Express depends upon service chosen.


Can you make _____ and change _____ and redesign _____ for me? (insert your own words in the blanks)

We are always listening to our friends and customers, so if you have any ideas for improving our current designs, or want to request a new design, shoot us an email at info@intrepidbags.com. We want to hear from you! However, please realize that design takes time and we are a small company, so we can’t fulfill all requests.


How do I take care of my bags and the leather?

Leather care is pretty simple. When your bag gets a little dirty then you can clean it with a damp cloth and/or a quick rub down. If it gets a lot dirty, you can use leather cleaning products to clean and restore it. When you do use a cleaner, always follow up with a leather conditioner like our Intrepid Leather Cream to replace the oils, replenish the leather, and restore it's luster. If you live in an excessively dry climate or, paradoxically, an excessively humid climate, or your bag has sat for an extended period of time unused you may need to condition your leather a little more often to bring out its original brilliance. Rest easy though, our leathers come pre-conditioned and generally won’t need any attention for many years and the oils from your hands will be more than sufficient to maintain its supple sheen.


Will water damage the leather?

Our leather is oil tanned all the way through, meaning it repels water easily after a few minutes, or even a few hours. Rain and fresh water will not leave any permanent marks or spots on the leather either. Unless it is acid rain... in which case you probably should not be out and about right now anyway. Do be sure you let your bag dry completely before storing it as leather will mold if left damp for a long time.


Help! How do I get scratches out of the leather?

Our leathers age and take on a unique patina over time that is individual and unique to you. They tell your story. However, if you do want to get rid of the surface scratches then rub the heck out of them with a rag and some of our Intrepid Leather Cream and it should nearly disappear. That will usually do the trick.


What other perks will come with owning an Intrepid bag?

Our customers and fans have reported the following (your experiences may vary):
    •    Endless compliments from perfect strangers
    •    Instant world traveler cred
    •    Your attractiveness will increase by 10
    •    You can collect all the jealous looks you will get and put them on Instagram #dealwithit
    •    You will be overcome by a sense of adventure and endless possibilities
    •    You'll look hotter than Indiana Jones and Lara Croft... put together!
    •    Your back will thank you
    •    Your awesome will let us make more awesome


My question isn't answered here, how do I get in contact with you?

Shoot us an email at info@intrepidbags.com if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or know any good jokes. Also be sure to tell us about your adventures with your Intrepid Bags! We'd love to hear from you!