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  • Our Story and What's Next
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Our Story and What's Next

Tiffani and I in Barcelona, Spain

Our Story...

Our paths first crossed 7 years ago in the city that never sleeps. Two tenacious, passionate, creative wandering souls who immediately fell into each other's orbit. It was love at first sight. From then on our lives together have taken many amazing twists and turns and have been full of adventure, travel, and exploration.

Our dream of starting a leather bag company began almost 2 years ago on a trip to Barcelona Spain. Strolling through sprawling medieval streets of the Gothic quarter- the very same streets that Gaudi, Picasso, Dali, and countless other visionaries frequented was inspirational. Surrounded by ancient stone cathedrals built on top of Roman ruins while eating the worlds most delicious pistachio ice cream and watching the world pass us by from a street side cafe, we became enthralled by the sights, smells, and styles of this great city.

We had, of course, brought our own leather bags on the trip. Fancy ones too. However somewhere between the Sagrada Famalia and Park Güell it became apparent that this just wasn't going to work out. Our shoulders ached from carrying the heavy leather bags, the straps rubbed relentlessly, agonizingly. By the end of each day we were holding the bags away from our bodies and grimacing in pain. Which, as you can imagine, made eating the world's best pistachio ice cream very difficult. That was the start of our quest to discover and create the worlds best leather travel bags.

Countless dozens of designs and hundreds of hours of work later, plus a kickstarter campaign that was nearly 200% funded, and we have our first two bags- the Lillium and the Journeyman which are shipping this December!

What's next?

The adventure has just begun. The Journeyman messenger and Lillium purse are only the beginning for Intrepid Bag Co. We already have exciting new designs in the works from backpacks that turn into messenger bags to the world's most useful travel wallets. We are experimenting with new leathers and construction techniques and have some exciting things in the pipeline! Everything is being designed with the modern traveler in mind so that it is useful, comfortable, and stylish.

Stick with us! Follow us on Facebook for sneak peaks and behind the scenes updates. The future is bright and the sky is the limit!

  • Stephen Dick

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