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  • Meet The Journeyman Commuter Bag
  • Stephen Dick
Meet The Journeyman Commuter Bag

Journeyman Commuter iPad Pro Bag

The Journeyman Commuter bag is designed to be your best friend, your adventure buddy, your everyday carry bag, and so much more. The tight compact design carries just enough without becoming bulky. If you are looking for a leather iPad Pro bag then this is your dream come true. It is the bag that launched Intrepid Bag Co, and we are super proud of the design. So let's take a closer look at some of the features!

How Is It Designed?

Journeyman Leather Messenger Bag Crossbody Straps

A well-designed bag should do two things- carry your gear safely, and be comfortable. The Journeyman leather messenger bag does both with style. We created this bag to be there when you need it and all but disappear when you don't.

The horizontally mounted 2" padded shoulder strap allow this bag to be carried tightly and comfortably across the back, messenger bag style. This strap is riveted in place with forged steel rivets and is easily adjusted for most chest sizes. The Journeyman bag hugs you and moves with you as you travel. No bouncing, no rubbing, no getting in the way, ever. There is also a lay-flat handle on the back which lets you carry the bag like a briefcase when the boardroom calls.

Leather Messenger Crossbody Laptop Bag

On the inside, we have installed an innovative floating laptop pocket for 13" laptops. This pocket is connected at two points towards the center instead of along the edges. This prevents the bag from becoming a brick when carrying a laptop and allows the bag to contour freely to your back so it stays put.

What Does It Carry?

Journeyman Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Interior

The Journeyman Commuter is an everyday carry bag for the minimalist.  There is room for all the essentials, but this is not a bag those who want to carry everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink. The limited space inside forces you to carry only what is essential and your back will thank you. That being said, there is an impressive amount of organization available inside and out so everything you carry will have a place. The padded floating laptop pocket fits a 13" laptop easily. This works well as an iPad Pro bag as well. Your iPad Pro or laptop will be fully protected with the 360-degree all-around padding we have added to this pocket. We've also attached a leather iPad pocket on the front for good measure.

Journeyman Leather Messenger Bag Back

In addition to the laptop pocket, we have a special covered pocket designed specifically for the MacBook's power brick so that you don't have to deal with tangled cords in the bottom of your bag. There is also a cell phone pocket, 3 stylus/Apple Pencil/pen holders, and even a hidden passport pocket. We've topped this off with a newspaper pocket on the back and 2 additional document pockets under the flap. A place for everything and everything in its place.

What Is It Made Of?

Full grain latigo saddle leather

We've pulled out all the stops with the materials in this bag. We use a full-grain fully-dyed thick latigo saddle leather that is at the same time supple and sturdy. There is a little bit of a break-in period with this bag as it learns your shape, like a high-quality wallet. Once it learns your shape and the leather starts to patina with use, you will have a one-of-a-kind bag that tells your story. You can learn more about the Intrepid Leather here.

Inside we have lined the Journeyman with our signature herringbone twill fabric. The shoulder strap is also lined with herringbone twill that shows prominently when being worn. This gives the bag a rugged on the outside, refined on the inside style. The laptop pocket has a padded microfiber material that cradles your gear in soft security.

Journeyman Commuter Messenger Forged Steel Hardware

We've gone all out with forged steel buckles and rivets along with an uber-strong UV resistant marine grade nylon thread for stitching. What this means for you is that your Journeyman will never break or fall apart. Not ever.

Our Guarantee

An Adventure In Every Bag

We back all of our products with a 10-year guarantee. We’ve made the Journeyman Commuter with nothing but the best workmanship and the highest quality materials around, and we stand behind the craftsmanship. If any problems crop up over the next decade due to manufacture error, just let us know and we will make it right.

Regardless of who you are or how you use it, there is an adventure in every bag we ship, that is our Intrepid promise and guarantee.

Happy adventures,

S & T

  • Stephen Dick

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