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  • A Day In The Life Of The Wayfarer Messenger
  • Stephen Dick
A Day In The Life Of The Wayfarer Messenger

The Serengeti Serenade

From the veranda of his Serengeti lodge, with strong coffee in hand he watches the golden rays of the Sun as they slowly reveal the legendary African landscape. This, this is his dream assignment, the one he thought his editor would never give, and he won't let him down. Preparing for the day he slips the camera, lenses, and mosquito spray into his Wayfarer Messenger Bag, along with his laptop for uploading and editing on the go. "Just a few more things to pack," he thinks, "a change of clothes, notepad, battery pack, and of course, my flask." Having lashed his trusty tripod on to the bottom of the bag he excitedly heads out the door to join his Safari guide.

Today they are tracking a pride of lions at a distance. Knowing the ride would be bumpy, he straps on his Wayfarer bag tightly, and gets a good clean grip on the bars of the jeep as they start out. Passing through the village on the way to the safari, he see what is just another day for the villagers going about their life.

Soon they are in the bush, on well trodden dirt roads, passing zebras and wilda beasts, getting further and further out. The jeep rolls to a stop. They have arrived and the light is perfect. Swinging the Wayfarer around, he unlashes the tripod, draws the camera, and tucks his flask in his vest. He settles in to capture on film what may come. Suddenly his guide's eyes desperately widen. "Tembo!" He cries gestures wildly towards a magnificent bull elephant appearing through the tall grass, its anger growing at their intrusion. The guide dives for the keys, he leaps for his camera, and together they rush off, barely outpacing the bull.

As the day goes on, the wind chills the air, and the extra jacket he packed comes in handy as does the mosquito spray stashed away in The Wayfarer. "No lions today," he thinks as he sips the flask and observes the setting sun, "but a charging, ferocious, bull elephant will do just fine."

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  • Stephen Dick

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