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  • A Day In The Life Of The Lillium Side Purse
  • Stephen Dick
A Day In The Life Of The Lillium Side Purse

Lovin' The Louvre

"How does one dress when seeing the largest collection of fine art in the world?" she wonders, before setting out to see the illustrious Louvre in Paris. Black skinny jeans, boots, a simple but classy v-neck and a scarf will do. Strapping on the Lillium belt purse she admires the angle it sits on her hips. She loves how it lets her avoid carrying a cumbersome purse and be hands free to enjoy the art, even take a few pics.  

A brisk stroll through the Tuileries Garden of the Louvre lands her at the wondrous entrance, stunned by the beauty of the ancient and new, juxtaposed before her eyes, in the glass pyramid sitting front and center of the giant museum.

Not one for crowds, she found her own audio guide to get her started. She pulls out her tablet and earphones, hits play, and slips the tablet back into its secure pocket on the Lillium. Safe on her side, like a smoking gun, the tablet is cradled and ready to go.

The paintings, the sculptures, the gilded ceilings, the crowds, and the history… it is all gloriously
 overwhelming on the senses. They say the Mona Lisa is a wonder to behold. But what really caught her eye was what stood across from the Mona Lisa, what Mona Lisa is looking at, the shockingly large painting of the Wedding at Cana. In it's immensity she stood awash in wonder at the life and the precision with which it must have been crafted. Details and tidbits stream into her ear from the audio guide, enriching the visceral feast that stands in front of her.

While she wasn't big on taking a picture of everything she saw, this had to be captured. With distracted crowds at her back, wooing over the Mona Lisa, she seized the opportunity to snap a simple picture of this memory on her iPhone, before zipping back away safe from the infamous pickpockets that roam these hallowed halls.

The Louvre is unimaginably large. To take in all of its wonder is a feat that cannot be given justice in a day. So, retreating to the gardens, she melts into the confines of a sun chair at the grand fountain. Sipping ‘un petite cafe’ and sampling a brilliantly colored macaron, she listens to the fountain's soothing sounds that compete with the the bustle crowds, and let's the warmth of the sun bathe her, happy and satisfied.

Have your own adventure with the Lillium Side Purse today.

  • Stephen Dick

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