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  • A Day In The Life Of The Journeyman Commuter
  • Stephen Dick
A Day In The Life Of The Journeyman Commuter

The San Francisco Showdown

The foggy San Fransisco air fills his lungs as he pedals through the Mission district. Fro-yo, sushi bars, and colorful organic veggie stands whizz past as he weaves in and out of traffic through the jungle of concrete and glass. Only the top of the Golden Gate is visible as the fog rolls through. The Journeyman Commuter bag hugs his back with all his essential gear for the day safely stashed inside, including the big pitch.

Today is a coffee meeting with a potential investor, he won’t be late. Mind astray, he passes trolleys on Market Street sounding their bells as they slowly climb the hills pulling their passengers across the great city by the bay. Philz Coffee appears on his left. Sliding his bike to a stop, he leaps off and slaps the chain on, while checking his smart watch. Just in time. The tattooed barista waves at him as he enters and grabs his personal mug off the back wall. “The usual?” the barista asks, “The usual” he responds with a thumbs up, slipping his slim wallet out of the hidden pocket from his Commuter bag.

He quickly pounces on a table, and unslings his Journeyman Commuter, admiring the smooth saddle leather, with it’s complex patina. He doesn’t wear things to get compliments, but when they do come, he doesn’t mind. The herringbone interior is just classy enough without looking stuffy. Unbuckling the straps he pulls out his MacBook and iPad and starts prepping his pitch. He’s going to knock this guy’s socks off.

Loading his gear back into his bag, he can barely contain the excitement. The investor loved the pitch. He is a shoe-in. Slipping his MacBook back into the floating laptop pocket, he straps on the Journeyman and heads out the door, trying to decide how best to celebrate. Maybe he will tell his team over a killer pizza from Del Popolo’s pizza truck. Good news tastes even better with a fresh slice of pizza.

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  • Stephen Dick

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