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  • Meet The Intrepid Leather Camera Strap
  • Stephen Dick
Meet The Intrepid Leather Camera Strap


Made from full grain saddle leather and forged steel hardware, the Intrepid Leather Camera Strap gives you everything you need to stand out from the crowd on your next photographic adventure. It keeps the camera always at your side within arms reach without ever getting in your way or having to fight dangling straps.

Photographers take their camera gear very seriously. We take every one of our designs equally seriously. Anything we produce must not only be highly functional, it must also be durable, comfortable, and look fantastic. Our camera strap checks every one of those boxes and more.

Functional: The cross-body carry design allows the camera to always be within reach, while never getting in the way. When not in use the camera hangs comfortably and securely at your side, always within arms reach should the creative moment seize you. In one smooth motion you can have your camera in shooting position with no unnecessary hanging or dangling straps to get in the way.

Durable: We’ve used our custom developed full grain coffee saddle leather for this piece. The adjustable strap itself is 1.25” wide with two saddle stitched layers of leather plus an inner lining of reinforcement material to ensure that it can stand up to almost any abuse you can throw at it. The timelessness of leather combined with its durability makes it perfect for a camera strap that will stay timeless and only get better with age.

Comfortable: Carrying a heavy camera around your neck for long hours of shooting can quickly get uncomfortable and even painful. To fix this, we have developed our shoulder pad with ergonomically shaped curves so that it hugs you without digging into your neck. It is also padded to to give your shoulder a break.

The super ergonomic design extends even to the forged steel D-Rings on the shoulder pad that allow the camera strap to move freely left or right without pulling on your neck or shoulders. We will have additional accessories coming soon that attach to these D-Rings like a removable under-the-arm strap for even more security, an attachable SD Card wallet, and more! Stay tuned for these accessories to appear on our shop sometime in the near future.

Secure: The camera attaches to the strap via a solid steel tripod mount quickly and easily and stays in place securely with a custom locking silicone washer. This piece is connected to the strap with a double interlocking clasp hook that will never open unexpectedly.

Looks Fantastic: Slick, sophisticated, and rugged the Intrepid Camera Strap is a fantastic looking piece of adventure ready gear that will only get better with age and use. Functional and comfortable it will easily take you and your camera wherever you want to go from urban jungles to ancient ruins!

Our Guarantee

We back all of our products with a 10 year guarantee. We’ve made these bags and items with nothing but the best workmanship and the highest quality materials around, and we stand behind the craftsmanship. If any problems crop up over the next decade due to manufacture error, just let us know and we will make it right. That is our Intrepid promise and guarantee.

Thanks and we hope you enjoyed getting an up close and personal look at the new Intrepid Camera Strap.

Happy adventures!


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  • Stephen Dick

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