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  • Meet The Intrepid Tech Roll
  • Stephen Dick
Meet The Intrepid Tech Roll

The Intrepid Tech Roll is an innovative cord management and small tech organizational system. All items are accessible and useable without removing anything from the Tech Roll. Imagine walking into a hotel room, unrolling the tech roll next to an outlet, and plugging everything in. The next day when you leave, just tuck and roll, no left-behind cords ever again.

With every new piece of technology, our lives tend to get a little more complicated. The Tech Roll is designed from the ground up to make your life easier and keep all your electronic gear quickly accessible and in one place. Check out some of the design highlights:

How Is It Designed?

Cord and small tech management can be a beast. Every piece of tech you carry has its own cord and charging method, and keeping everything organized is a nightmare, especially when traveling. The Intrepid Tech Roll solves this problem in an innovative way by keeping all your cords in one easy to reach place. Whether you are traveling around the world, or just making a stop at your local coffee shop, the Tech Roll is the perfect companion to make sure your cords stay tangle free and safe as you charge up. As an added benefit, since you never need to remove the cords to use them, you will never lose another cord again! Simply unroll it and have all your tech connected in seconds, and when you are ready to go just tuck and roll.

How Does It Work?

Each cord fits easily into one of three pockets and is readily accessible with the pull-through opening at the bottom of each pocket. When not in use, tuck the cord ending under the leather straps until next time you need them. We have included another covered pocket in the middle that is perfect for a hard drive or battery backup with its own cord opening. Lastly there is a zippered pocket to hold all your loose items, laptop charging brick, or other small gear. All of this quickly rolls up into a convenient bundle, secure with two leather straps, that fits perfectly in your bag.

What are some things you can pack in the Intrepid Tech Roll? Cords of all kinds, hard drives, small speakers, camera batteries, SD cards, art supplies, Apple Watch and charger, battery back-ups, pens, stylus, and so much more. Whatever your style is, the Tech Roll will keep you organized and hassle free.

The Dimensions: The Intrepid Tech Roll is 7.5” Long x 5” Wide x 2” Deep when rolled up, and 14.5” Long with fully unrolled. Empty it weighs in at a svelte 0.5 lb. It's sleek frame slips easily in to any bag and takes up a lot less space than a bunch of roaming cords and tech would.

What Is It Made Of?

The Leather: We use the same mahogany full grain saddle leather as the Zinnia. This leather is strong, durable, and very high quality with a deep, rich, and warm mahogany. The leather is sturdy and will take a beating and look great doing it. It is designed to develop it's own patina over time that just looks better and better with use.

The Lining: We've lined the bag with a sturdy slate grey canvas material that compliments the rich mahogany. It is a thicker material, with a texture that leaves you sure it can withstand the test of travel.

The Stitching: As always, we used our signature UV resistant marine grade nylon stitching in the construction to ensure a the tech roll has a long and prosperous life.

The Hardware: The only hardware on the Intrepid Tech Roll is two hand pounded rivets securing the straps to the back. These rivets will also take on their own patina over time and age nicely with the rest of the roll.

Our Guarantee

We back all of our products with a 10 year guarantee. We’ve made these bags and items with nothing but the best workmanship and the highest quality materials around, and we stand behind the craftsmanship. If any problems crop up over the next decade due to manufacture error, just let us know and we will make it right. That is our Intrepid promise and guarantee.

Thanks and we hope you enjoyed getting an up close and personal look at the new Intrepid Tech Roll.

Happy adventures!


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  • Stephen Dick

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  • Oct 05, 2015

    Hi John, the external hard drive pocket is 4" Wide x 6" Long x 1" Deep. It is flexible as well, so even if yours is a little oddly shaped it should fit it just fine. I use it as a pocket for my large backup battery. :)


    — Intrepid Stephen

  • Sep 13, 2015


    How big is the compartment for the external hard drive?


    — John

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