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  • Meet the Zinnia Leather Convertible Backpack
  • Stephen Dick
Meet the Zinnia Leather Convertible Backpack

The Zinnia Convertible Leather Backpack is the transformer of our Explorer line. Talk about versatile, the Zinnia has 4 wearable options: Backpack, Cross-Body, Side Bag Satchel, and Briefcase. No fumbling, just grab and pull.  Where the Zinnia truly shines is in the details, the finishing touches, and the unexpected surprises. We are incredibly proud of the Zinnia! Let us show you some of its best features:

How is it designed?

A well designed bag should be able to be worn effortlessly. However, designing a good product is anything but effortless. We went through a fine tuning process of many prototypes to achieve a bag that both looks stunning and feels fantastic. The name harkens from a flower, and true to form we have included subtle hints of flower petals throughout the design. But don't let the flower reference mislead you. This bag is ready for any adventure you can throw at it, from a day on the streets of Paris to a hilltop hike at sunset.

The Design: The Zinnia is designed to solve the age old debate of whether to bring a backpack or a satchel. Now you can bring both! Converting the Zinnia from a backpack to satchel and back can be done in mere seconds. There is no need to remove, rework, or restring your straps in some complicated fashion. Just grab and go. When worn as a side satchel the super padded shoulder pad will let you carry the weight with ease. When worn as a backpack the widely spaced shoulder straps won’t give you a neck ache, but will evenly disperse the weight and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

The Zinnia sports a wide stable bottom, with a slimmer top to help it stand up on its own when put down. This subtle A-Line creates a slim and sleek profile when worn. Integrated rain flaps will keep all your gear dry and from slipping out.

The Dimensions: The Zinnia is 12” High x 10” Wide x 4” Deep. At a svelte 3 pounds, it feels incredibly light on the shoulders, while still be sturdy enough to handle a lot. The structure was conscientiously reinforced to maintain its frame even at its fullest.

What does it carry?

A lot! The Zinnia uses state-of-the-art TARDIS "bigger on the inside” technology (don’t tell the Doc) to carry a ton of items with ease. For proof, check out the bagsplosion shot below.

On the outside: The exterior pocket is spacious and well secured with a flap and magnetic snap closure. It can house all odds and ends as well as items you want quick access to while keeping it secure. Two expanding side pockets open up to fit a water bottle and umbrella, and when not in use they tuck away using two hidden button snaps to keep the Zinnia looking slim and trim. On the back there are two quick access slip pockets that stretch the full width of the bag. The upper pocket is deep enough to hold your iPhone or other items you want within easy reach, while the second slip pocket reaches all the way down to the bottom of the bag so you can store maps, magazines, and more.

On the inside: We kept it elegant on the inside. There is one very padded laptop sleeve fitting up to a 13” laptop and keeping it tucked away safe from the other items in the main compartment. The bottom of the bag is padded to so you do not have to worry about setting the bag down and the laptop being harmed. The padding will keep it safe. The main compartment is wider at the bottom than it is at the top, which lets you pack a surprising amount of stuff easily without making the Zinnia look bulky. This is ideal for a DSLR Camera fit. Place widest things in at the bottom first and you will be chocked at how much you can fit. The tuck clasp for the main cascading flap is super secure but not noticeable at all because it is gently tucked behind a petal shape closure.

Outside Mounting Points: Want to bring along even more gear? There are also two mounting points on the bottom so you can lash on anything you can think of with a couple straps (coming soon...). A rolled jacket, a compact sleep sack, or even a yoga mat. This bag is all the cred you will need as an experienced traveler and packer.

What is it made of?

The Leather: We use our own Mahogany full grain saddle leather to make the Zinnia. This leather is strong, durable, and very high quality with such a rich, warm mahagony tone, you can almost taste it. The leather is sturdy, but not too sturdy, so it doesn’t feel like a brick on your back. Rather it feels warm and supple, like the perfect travel companion. We stand by our leather being able to withstand the rigors of decades of travel.

The Lining: We've lined the bag with an imported wool cotton blended fabric from England. This fabric is luxuriously smokey taupe to perfectly compliment the mahogany leather. It is a durable fabric that will treat your valuables nicely. Some bag makers save money by not lining their bags, but we couldn’t resist seeing adding this finishing touch as an absolute necessity.

The Stitching: Most threads degrade over time due to sunlight exposure and general wear and tear. Not so with the marine grade UV resistant nylon thread we utilized to craft this gorgeous bag. This is the same thread that is used to make parachutes, so you can bet it will hold your bag together for many years to come. We've used slightly lighter contrast stitching on the front flap petal closure for the Zinnia. It's a subtle touch, but it draws the eye to the gentle curves that so well make this bag.

The Hardware: Forged solid steel hardware with a silver finish keeps your straps secure while looking good. Under the front buckle is a forged steel tuck clasp, so you can quickly open and close the bag to get inside, without fiddling with a complicated buckle. Steel rivets have been used on all the main stress points to make sure it will hold together even under difficult circumstances.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. We hope you enjoyed getting to know the Intrepid Bag Company's Zinnia Convertible. Stay tuned to our next post to meet our innovative cord and gadget organizational system- The Intrepid Tech Roll.

Happy Adventures!


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