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  • They're here... The Journeyman Has Arrived!
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They're here... The Journeyman Has Arrived!

Happy to announce that the first production run of the Journeyman has arrived! We are shipping them out as I speak to our lucky Kickstarters and preorder customers. They should be arriving very shortly on your doorsteps!

After months and months of work, it feels so good to finally have the products in our hands and to be shipping them out to you dear friends. The look fantastic, feel luxurious, and smell spectacular! Tiffani and I both can't wait to hear about your many adventures with your new Journeyman bags.

Also we are happy to inform you that the Lillium bags are being produced as I speak, and we will have a confirmed shipping date for them very shortly. Due to the unique design and complexity of the Lillium, there were a few hiccups in getting the first run production set up. However, we’ve ironed everything out and all is running smoothly now.

Stay tuned for an update soon when the Lillium bags arrive and start to be shipped out!

  • Stephen Dick
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