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Meet The Journeyman Commuter Bag

Journeyman Commuter iPad Pro Bag

The Journeyman Commuter bag is designed to be your best friend, your adventure buddy, your everyday carry bag, and so much more. The tight compact design carries just enough without becoming bulky. If you are looking for a leather iPad Pro bag then this is your dream come true. It is the bag that launched Intrepid Bag Co, and we are super proud of the design. So let's take a closer look at some of the features!

How Is It Designed?

Journeyman Leather Messenger Bag Crossbody Straps

A well-designed bag should do two things- carry your gear safely, and be comfortable. The Journeyman leather messenger bag does both with style. We created this bag to be there when you need it and all but disappear when you don't.

The horizontally mounted 2" padded shoulder strap allow this bag to be carried tightly and comfortably across the back, messenger bag style. This strap is riveted in place with forged steel rivets and is easily adjusted for most chest sizes. The Journeyman bag hugs you and moves with you as you travel. No bouncing, no rubbing, no getting in the way, ever. There is also a lay-flat handle on the back which lets you carry the bag like a briefcase when the boardroom calls.

Leather Messenger Crossbody Laptop Bag

On the inside, we have installed an innovative floating laptop pocket for 13" laptops. This pocket is connected at two points towards the center instead of along the edges. This prevents the bag from becoming a brick when carrying a laptop and allows the bag to contour freely to your back so it stays put.

What Does It Carry?

Journeyman Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Interior

The Journeyman Commuter is an everyday carry bag for the minimalist.  There is room for all the essentials, but this is not a bag those who want to carry everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink. The limited space inside forces you to carry only what is essential and your back will thank you. That being said, there is an impressive amount of organization available inside and out so everything you carry will have a place. The padded floating laptop pocket fits a 13" laptop easily. This works well as an iPad Pro bag as well. Your iPad Pro or laptop will be fully protected with the 360-degree all-around padding we have added to this pocket. We've also attached a leather iPad pocket on the front for good measure.

Journeyman Leather Messenger Bag Back

In addition to the laptop pocket, we have a special covered pocket designed specifically for the MacBook's power brick so that you don't have to deal with tangled cords in the bottom of your bag. There is also a cell phone pocket, 3 stylus/Apple Pencil/pen holders, and even a hidden passport pocket. We've topped this off with a newspaper pocket on the back and 2 additional document pockets under the flap. A place for everything and everything in its place.

What Is It Made Of?

Full grain latigo saddle leather

We've pulled out all the stops with the materials in this bag. We use a full-grain fully-dyed thick latigo saddle leather that is at the same time supple and sturdy. There is a little bit of a break-in period with this bag as it learns your shape, like a high-quality wallet. Once it learns your shape and the leather starts to patina with use, you will have a one-of-a-kind bag that tells your story. You can learn more about the Intrepid Leather here.

Inside we have lined the Journeyman with our signature herringbone twill fabric. The shoulder strap is also lined with herringbone twill that shows prominently when being worn. This gives the bag a rugged on the outside, refined on the inside style. The laptop pocket has a padded microfiber material that cradles your gear in soft security.

Journeyman Commuter Messenger Forged Steel Hardware

We've gone all out with forged steel buckles and rivets along with an uber-strong UV resistant marine grade nylon thread for stitching. What this means for you is that your Journeyman will never break or fall apart. Not ever.

Our Guarantee

An Adventure In Every Bag

We back all of our products with a 10-year guarantee. We’ve made the Journeyman Commuter with nothing but the best workmanship and the highest quality materials around, and we stand behind the craftsmanship. If any problems crop up over the next decade due to manufacture error, just let us know and we will make it right.

Regardless of who you are or how you use it, there is an adventure in every bag we ship, that is our Intrepid promise and guarantee.

Happy adventures,

S & T

About The Intrepid Bag Co. Leather

The Fall season is upon us and our workshop is humming with activity as we produce our new line of items. When it comes to crafting leather goods, one of the most important things is, of course, the leather. Quality leather makes a big difference between a bag that will last you a year, and one that will last a lifetime. We spare no expense on our leathers and are extremely proud of the product. So check out the pictures below to learn about the 15,000+ decimeters of delicious Coffee leather and the 8,000+ decimeters of warm Mahogany leather currently being used in our workshop to make brand new bags for all our favorite people.

Leather hides waiting to become bags

Full Grain Leather, All Day.

There are a few interesting things to note with the leather we use in the construction of all of the Intrepid Bag Co.'s products. Our leather is a thick, high quality, full grain leather tanned with high grade oils to preserve the leather and protect it. Full grain leather is the best leather money can buy, and it ages beautifully with use. As you use the leather, the oils from your hands rub off on the leather naturally burnishing it. The more you handle the leather, the more unique it gets as it ages with you and takes on a unique patina all its own. Perhaps only 2% of leather bags on the market use genuine full grain leather like ours. It is expensive and difficult to work with, however it will last you a lifetime.

There are a few other kinds of leather out there- 'Top grain leather' is the second highest quality leather. It is leather that has been shaved down a bit and then sanded to remove any natural scars or marks. This technique is popular because it allows for lower quality hides to be used since the sanding and shaving process removes any blemishes. 'Genuine leather' is the third tier in terms of quality. This leather is made from whatever is left over after the top grains have been shaved off. Usually it is refinished to make it look better. It is commonly used as suede for lining bags as it is more durable than cloth but will not last long on the exterior of a bag. Lastly there is 'bonded leather' (yuck). This is essentially the press board of leather. It is the shavings and trimmings ground up, glued back together, and spray painted to look like an actual piece of leather. It is weak, degrades very quickly, and is used in many cheap bags and leather products.

Fully Tanned and Fully Dyed

Intrepid leather takes a good deal longer to produce than other leathers because we make sure it is both tanned and dyed all the way through. Tanning and dying is the process where you put oils and preservatives and color into the leather by tumbling it in gigantic tumblers for hours and hours. By doing this you prevent cracking, dryness, and degradation over time. However, this takes a long time. Our leather is tanned for anywhere from 10-20 hours to insure it is tanned 100% of the way through, and our tannery uses high-grade hypo-allergenic oils and preservatives to ensure premium results.

You can see this in the closeup below. Both the front and the back of the leather are richly dyed and tanned. Also, if you look closely at the edges, you can see that the color goes all the way through, and that it is a single piece of thick latigo saddle leather.

Dyed all the way through. Isn't it purty?

"Why is this interesting?," you might ask. Great question! To save money, many "luxury" leather companies use inferior leather that is only tanned on the outside 10% or so, leaving the inside to dry out and crumble. Kind of like putting a shiny coat of paint on a rust bucket of a car. Sometimes that leather is then spray painted on the edges and made up of multiple pieces of thin scrap leather glued and pressed together to fool the customer.

This kind of leather is much cheaper to purchase, easier to work with, and faster to produce. However, the lifespan of that leather is, well... about as long as it takes you to leave the store and lose your receipt. Additionally, it is often made in sweat shops in India or Bangladesh where the working conditions are horrendously dangerous, the workers poorly paid, and they are treated even worse. Not with us! We make sure everything is ethically sourced.

We've found, perhaps, one of the most expensive tanneries on the planet, personally inspected the working conditions, and discovered that they also boast one of the highest ratings in terms of environmental cleanliness and worker pay. Knowing this lets us sleep soundly at night, and hopefully you too!

Rich coffee leather soon to become Wayfarer and Journeyman bags

We are committed to making only heritage quality products with ethically sourced materials that will last a lifetime of adventure. Hence, the leather we use in our bags and products is only the best of the best of the best from the most reputable of sources.

Happy Adventures!


P.S. In other news, our Journeyman Commuter bag was featured in print in the latest issue of CNET magazine! Pick up a copy wherever they sell magazines these days, and show your friends. :)

A Day In The Life Of The Zinnia Convertible

The Moroccan Mambo

With the snap of a closing laptop and the clink of the glass, she puts down her cup of tea and sets out to explore the market bazaar of Morocco. She slips the laptop into the padded Zinnia compartment, pulls vintage sunglasses out of the slip pocket and slings the bag on in backpack mode. With confidence she wades through the sea of brilliant colors and heady scents that Marrkesh's markets are known for. Suddenly a scarf catches her eye. It's the color of his eyes. It will be a perfect gift for him.

Her eyes fall on the shopkeeper.  They lock, both knowing what is about to begin, the haggle. But not haggling how most think of it, but as Morcocans think of it: a sport with wins and losses, cheers and groans, a dance where both move according to unspoken rules until finally a victor stands. Being that victor she swings the Zinnia over her shoulder. Casually trying to hide her excitement she unclips the bag and reaches deep down to pull out just the right amount to pay her opponent and slips the scarf into her bag.

Almost on schedule, the afternoon rain starts swiftly and with a vengeance. Street sellers scramble, customers scatter, and she calmly watches this unfold while grabbing her umbrella from the handy side pocket of her bag. The Zinnia’s rain flaps will keep her laptop and new scarf safe, but her outfit is another story. Watching the downpour she carefully considers how to get to her lunch date.  A taxi will have to do since shopping took longer than expected and the rain is so intense. However, the taxis seem to know this and one appears, almost unbeckoned, ready to grab a fare. "That cafe with the french name," she tells him, and they are off.

Stepping out of the taxi, she bolts into the cafe. The cafe is a blend of Moroccan and French cultures, vying at each other in a beautiful fusion. But more beautifully, there he sits. The one whose eyes match the scarf. She mutters under her breath "This is going to be a good lunch...."

Make your own story with the Zinnia Convertible today.

A Day In The Life Of The Wayfarer Messenger

The Serengeti Serenade

From the veranda of his Serengeti lodge, with strong coffee in hand he watches the golden rays of the Sun as they slowly reveal the legendary African landscape. This, this is his dream assignment, the one he thought his editor would never give, and he won't let him down. Preparing for the day he slips the camera, lenses, and mosquito spray into his Wayfarer Messenger Bag, along with his laptop for uploading and editing on the go. "Just a few more things to pack," he thinks, "a change of clothes, notepad, battery pack, and of course, my flask." Having lashed his trusty tripod on to the bottom of the bag he excitedly heads out the door to join his Safari guide.

Today they are tracking a pride of lions at a distance. Knowing the ride would be bumpy, he straps on his Wayfarer bag tightly, and gets a good clean grip on the bars of the jeep as they start out. Passing through the village on the way to the safari, he see what is just another day for the villagers going about their life.

Soon they are in the bush, on well trodden dirt roads, passing zebras and wilda beasts, getting further and further out. The jeep rolls to a stop. They have arrived and the light is perfect. Swinging the Wayfarer around, he unlashes the tripod, draws the camera, and tucks his flask in his vest. He settles in to capture on film what may come. Suddenly his guide's eyes desperately widen. "Tembo!" He cries gestures wildly towards a magnificent bull elephant appearing through the tall grass, its anger growing at their intrusion. The guide dives for the keys, he leaps for his camera, and together they rush off, barely outpacing the bull.

As the day goes on, the wind chills the air, and the extra jacket he packed comes in handy as does the mosquito spray stashed away in The Wayfarer. "No lions today," he thinks as he sips the flask and observes the setting sun, "but a charging, ferocious, bull elephant will do just fine."

Make your own one-of-a-kind adventure with the Wayfarer Messenger Bag today.

A Day In The Life Of The Lillium Side Purse

Lovin' The Louvre

"How does one dress when seeing the largest collection of fine art in the world?" she wonders, before setting out to see the illustrious Louvre in Paris. Black skinny jeans, boots, a simple but classy v-neck and a scarf will do. Strapping on the Lillium belt purse she admires the angle it sits on her hips. She loves how it lets her avoid carrying a cumbersome purse and be hands free to enjoy the art, even take a few pics.  

A brisk stroll through the Tuileries Garden of the Louvre lands her at the wondrous entrance, stunned by the beauty of the ancient and new, juxtaposed before her eyes, in the glass pyramid sitting front and center of the giant museum.

Not one for crowds, she found her own audio guide to get her started. She pulls out her tablet and earphones, hits play, and slips the tablet back into its secure pocket on the Lillium. Safe on her side, like a smoking gun, the tablet is cradled and ready to go.

The paintings, the sculptures, the gilded ceilings, the crowds, and the history… it is all gloriously
 overwhelming on the senses. They say the Mona Lisa is a wonder to behold. But what really caught her eye was what stood across from the Mona Lisa, what Mona Lisa is looking at, the shockingly large painting of the Wedding at Cana. In it's immensity she stood awash in wonder at the life and the precision with which it must have been crafted. Details and tidbits stream into her ear from the audio guide, enriching the visceral feast that stands in front of her.

While she wasn't big on taking a picture of everything she saw, this had to be captured. With distracted crowds at her back, wooing over the Mona Lisa, she seized the opportunity to snap a simple picture of this memory on her iPhone, before zipping back away safe from the infamous pickpockets that roam these hallowed halls.

The Louvre is unimaginably large. To take in all of its wonder is a feat that cannot be given justice in a day. So, retreating to the gardens, she melts into the confines of a sun chair at the grand fountain. Sipping ‘un petite cafe’ and sampling a brilliantly colored macaron, she listens to the fountain's soothing sounds that compete with the the bustle crowds, and let's the warmth of the sun bathe her, happy and satisfied.

Have your own adventure with the Lillium Side Purse today.

A Day In The Life Of The Journeyman Commuter

The San Francisco Showdown

The foggy San Fransisco air fills his lungs as he pedals through the Mission district. Fro-yo, sushi bars, and colorful organic veggie stands whizz past as he weaves in and out of traffic through the jungle of concrete and glass. Only the top of the Golden Gate is visible as the fog rolls through. The Journeyman Commuter bag hugs his back with all his essential gear for the day safely stashed inside, including the big pitch.

Today is a coffee meeting with a potential investor, he won’t be late. Mind astray, he passes trolleys on Market Street sounding their bells as they slowly climb the hills pulling their passengers across the great city by the bay. Philz Coffee appears on his left. Sliding his bike to a stop, he leaps off and slaps the chain on, while checking his smart watch. Just in time. The tattooed barista waves at him as he enters and grabs his personal mug off the back wall. “The usual?” the barista asks, “The usual” he responds with a thumbs up, slipping his slim wallet out of the hidden pocket from his Commuter bag.

He quickly pounces on a table, and unslings his Journeyman Commuter, admiring the smooth saddle leather, with it’s complex patina. He doesn’t wear things to get compliments, but when they do come, he doesn’t mind. The herringbone interior is just classy enough without looking stuffy. Unbuckling the straps he pulls out his MacBook and iPad and starts prepping his pitch. He’s going to knock this guy’s socks off.

Loading his gear back into his bag, he can barely contain the excitement. The investor loved the pitch. He is a shoe-in. Slipping his MacBook back into the floating laptop pocket, he straps on the Journeyman and heads out the door, trying to decide how best to celebrate. Maybe he will tell his team over a killer pizza from Del Popolo’s pizza truck. Good news tastes even better with a fresh slice of pizza.

Make your own story with the Journeyman Commuter today.

Meet The Intrepid Leather Camera Strap


Made from full grain saddle leather and forged steel hardware, the Intrepid Leather Camera Strap gives you everything you need to stand out from the crowd on your next photographic adventure. It keeps the camera always at your side within arms reach without ever getting in your way or having to fight dangling straps.

Photographers take their camera gear very seriously. We take every one of our designs equally seriously. Anything we produce must not only be highly functional, it must also be durable, comfortable, and look fantastic. Our camera strap checks every one of those boxes and more.

Functional: The cross-body carry design allows the camera to always be within reach, while never getting in the way. When not in use the camera hangs comfortably and securely at your side, always within arms reach should the creative moment seize you. In one smooth motion you can have your camera in shooting position with no unnecessary hanging or dangling straps to get in the way.

Durable: We’ve used our custom developed full grain coffee saddle leather for this piece. The adjustable strap itself is 1.25” wide with two saddle stitched layers of leather plus an inner lining of reinforcement material to ensure that it can stand up to almost any abuse you can throw at it. The timelessness of leather combined with its durability makes it perfect for a camera strap that will stay timeless and only get better with age.

Comfortable: Carrying a heavy camera around your neck for long hours of shooting can quickly get uncomfortable and even painful. To fix this, we have developed our shoulder pad with ergonomically shaped curves so that it hugs you without digging into your neck. It is also padded to to give your shoulder a break.

The super ergonomic design extends even to the forged steel D-Rings on the shoulder pad that allow the camera strap to move freely left or right without pulling on your neck or shoulders. We will have additional accessories coming soon that attach to these D-Rings like a removable under-the-arm strap for even more security, an attachable SD Card wallet, and more! Stay tuned for these accessories to appear on our shop sometime in the near future.

Secure: The camera attaches to the strap via a solid steel tripod mount quickly and easily and stays in place securely with a custom locking silicone washer. This piece is connected to the strap with a double interlocking clasp hook that will never open unexpectedly.

Looks Fantastic: Slick, sophisticated, and rugged the Intrepid Camera Strap is a fantastic looking piece of adventure ready gear that will only get better with age and use. Functional and comfortable it will easily take you and your camera wherever you want to go from urban jungles to ancient ruins!

Our Guarantee

We back all of our products with a 10 year guarantee. We’ve made these bags and items with nothing but the best workmanship and the highest quality materials around, and we stand behind the craftsmanship. If any problems crop up over the next decade due to manufacture error, just let us know and we will make it right. That is our Intrepid promise and guarantee.

Thanks and we hope you enjoyed getting an up close and personal look at the new Intrepid Camera Strap.

Happy adventures!


S & T

Meet The Intrepid Tech Roll

The Intrepid Tech Roll is an innovative cord management and small tech organizational system. All items are accessible and useable without removing anything from the Tech Roll. Imagine walking into a hotel room, unrolling the tech roll next to an outlet, and plugging everything in. The next day when you leave, just tuck and roll, no left-behind cords ever again.

With every new piece of technology, our lives tend to get a little more complicated. The Tech Roll is designed from the ground up to make your life easier and keep all your electronic gear quickly accessible and in one place. Check out some of the design highlights:

How Is It Designed?

Cord and small tech management can be a beast. Every piece of tech you carry has its own cord and charging method, and keeping everything organized is a nightmare, especially when traveling. The Intrepid Tech Roll solves this problem in an innovative way by keeping all your cords in one easy to reach place. Whether you are traveling around the world, or just making a stop at your local coffee shop, the Tech Roll is the perfect companion to make sure your cords stay tangle free and safe as you charge up. As an added benefit, since you never need to remove the cords to use them, you will never lose another cord again! Simply unroll it and have all your tech connected in seconds, and when you are ready to go just tuck and roll.

How Does It Work?

Each cord fits easily into one of three pockets and is readily accessible with the pull-through opening at the bottom of each pocket. When not in use, tuck the cord ending under the leather straps until next time you need them. We have included another covered pocket in the middle that is perfect for a hard drive or battery backup with its own cord opening. Lastly there is a zippered pocket to hold all your loose items, laptop charging brick, or other small gear. All of this quickly rolls up into a convenient bundle, secure with two leather straps, that fits perfectly in your bag.

What are some things you can pack in the Intrepid Tech Roll? Cords of all kinds, hard drives, small speakers, camera batteries, SD cards, art supplies, Apple Watch and charger, battery back-ups, pens, stylus, and so much more. Whatever your style is, the Tech Roll will keep you organized and hassle free.

The Dimensions: The Intrepid Tech Roll is 7.5” Long x 5” Wide x 2” Deep when rolled up, and 14.5” Long with fully unrolled. Empty it weighs in at a svelte 0.5 lb. It's sleek frame slips easily in to any bag and takes up a lot less space than a bunch of roaming cords and tech would.

What Is It Made Of?

The Leather: We use the same mahogany full grain saddle leather as the Zinnia. This leather is strong, durable, and very high quality with a deep, rich, and warm mahogany. The leather is sturdy and will take a beating and look great doing it. It is designed to develop it's own patina over time that just looks better and better with use.

The Lining: We've lined the bag with a sturdy slate grey canvas material that compliments the rich mahogany. It is a thicker material, with a texture that leaves you sure it can withstand the test of travel.

The Stitching: As always, we used our signature UV resistant marine grade nylon stitching in the construction to ensure a the tech roll has a long and prosperous life.

The Hardware: The only hardware on the Intrepid Tech Roll is two hand pounded rivets securing the straps to the back. These rivets will also take on their own patina over time and age nicely with the rest of the roll.

Our Guarantee

We back all of our products with a 10 year guarantee. We’ve made these bags and items with nothing but the best workmanship and the highest quality materials around, and we stand behind the craftsmanship. If any problems crop up over the next decade due to manufacture error, just let us know and we will make it right. That is our Intrepid promise and guarantee.

Thanks and we hope you enjoyed getting an up close and personal look at the new Intrepid Tech Roll.

Happy adventures!


S & T

Meet the Zinnia Leather Convertible Backpack

The Zinnia Convertible Leather Backpack is the transformer of our Explorer line. Talk about versatile, the Zinnia has 4 wearable options: Backpack, Cross-Body, Side Bag Satchel, and Briefcase. No fumbling, just grab and pull.  Where the Zinnia truly shines is in the details, the finishing touches, and the unexpected surprises. We are incredibly proud of the Zinnia! Let us show you some of its best features:

How is it designed?

A well designed bag should be able to be worn effortlessly. However, designing a good product is anything but effortless. We went through a fine tuning process of many prototypes to achieve a bag that both looks stunning and feels fantastic. The name harkens from a flower, and true to form we have included subtle hints of flower petals throughout the design. But don't let the flower reference mislead you. This bag is ready for any adventure you can throw at it, from a day on the streets of Paris to a hilltop hike at sunset.

The Design: The Zinnia is designed to solve the age old debate of whether to bring a backpack or a satchel. Now you can bring both! Converting the Zinnia from a backpack to satchel and back can be done in mere seconds. There is no need to remove, rework, or restring your straps in some complicated fashion. Just grab and go. When worn as a side satchel the super padded shoulder pad will let you carry the weight with ease. When worn as a backpack the widely spaced shoulder straps won’t give you a neck ache, but will evenly disperse the weight and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

The Zinnia sports a wide stable bottom, with a slimmer top to help it stand up on its own when put down. This subtle A-Line creates a slim and sleek profile when worn. Integrated rain flaps will keep all your gear dry and from slipping out.

The Dimensions: The Zinnia is 12” High x 10” Wide x 4” Deep. At a svelte 3 pounds, it feels incredibly light on the shoulders, while still be sturdy enough to handle a lot. The structure was conscientiously reinforced to maintain its frame even at its fullest.

What does it carry?

A lot! The Zinnia uses state-of-the-art TARDIS "bigger on the inside” technology (don’t tell the Doc) to carry a ton of items with ease. For proof, check out the bagsplosion shot below.

On the outside: The exterior pocket is spacious and well secured with a flap and magnetic snap closure. It can house all odds and ends as well as items you want quick access to while keeping it secure. Two expanding side pockets open up to fit a water bottle and umbrella, and when not in use they tuck away using two hidden button snaps to keep the Zinnia looking slim and trim. On the back there are two quick access slip pockets that stretch the full width of the bag. The upper pocket is deep enough to hold your iPhone or other items you want within easy reach, while the second slip pocket reaches all the way down to the bottom of the bag so you can store maps, magazines, and more.

On the inside: We kept it elegant on the inside. There is one very padded laptop sleeve fitting up to a 13” laptop and keeping it tucked away safe from the other items in the main compartment. The bottom of the bag is padded to so you do not have to worry about setting the bag down and the laptop being harmed. The padding will keep it safe. The main compartment is wider at the bottom than it is at the top, which lets you pack a surprising amount of stuff easily without making the Zinnia look bulky. This is ideal for a DSLR Camera fit. Place widest things in at the bottom first and you will be chocked at how much you can fit. The tuck clasp for the main cascading flap is super secure but not noticeable at all because it is gently tucked behind a petal shape closure.

Outside Mounting Points: Want to bring along even more gear? There are also two mounting points on the bottom so you can lash on anything you can think of with a couple straps (coming soon...). A rolled jacket, a compact sleep sack, or even a yoga mat. This bag is all the cred you will need as an experienced traveler and packer.

What is it made of?

The Leather: We use our own Mahogany full grain saddle leather to make the Zinnia. This leather is strong, durable, and very high quality with such a rich, warm mahagony tone, you can almost taste it. The leather is sturdy, but not too sturdy, so it doesn’t feel like a brick on your back. Rather it feels warm and supple, like the perfect travel companion. We stand by our leather being able to withstand the rigors of decades of travel.

The Lining: We've lined the bag with an imported wool cotton blended fabric from England. This fabric is luxuriously smokey taupe to perfectly compliment the mahogany leather. It is a durable fabric that will treat your valuables nicely. Some bag makers save money by not lining their bags, but we couldn’t resist seeing adding this finishing touch as an absolute necessity.

The Stitching: Most threads degrade over time due to sunlight exposure and general wear and tear. Not so with the marine grade UV resistant nylon thread we utilized to craft this gorgeous bag. This is the same thread that is used to make parachutes, so you can bet it will hold your bag together for many years to come. We've used slightly lighter contrast stitching on the front flap petal closure for the Zinnia. It's a subtle touch, but it draws the eye to the gentle curves that so well make this bag.

The Hardware: Forged solid steel hardware with a silver finish keeps your straps secure while looking good. Under the front buckle is a forged steel tuck clasp, so you can quickly open and close the bag to get inside, without fiddling with a complicated buckle. Steel rivets have been used on all the main stress points to make sure it will hold together even under difficult circumstances.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. We hope you enjoyed getting to know the Intrepid Bag Company's Zinnia Convertible. Stay tuned to our next post to meet our innovative cord and gadget organizational system- The Intrepid Tech Roll.

Happy Adventures!


S & T

Meet The Wayfarer Leather Messenger Bag


The Wayfarer Leather Messenger Bag is our most spacious and versatile messenger bag yet. Hundreds of hours, and many many prototypes have gone into it's design. Let's take a closer look and check out a few of the really cool features you may not have noticed about the Wayfarer Messenger bag:

How is it designed?

Dieter Rams principles of design state that good design is innovative, honest, long lasting, and thorough down to the last detail. At the same time, good design is elegantly minimal. We have followed these principles when designing the Wayfarer. Every inch has been carefully considered, every angle has been measured, and every piece has a purpose. We were aiming for something Indiana Jones would take into a board meeting. I think we nailed it.

The Design: The Wayfarer is designed to have an adventurous look while still staying sophisticated. It is a bit wider at the top, and skinnier at the bottom to help emphasize that manly super-v look. The shoulder straps are attached at an angle by rivets to two wings on the side of the bag. This lets the bag hug you as you wear it, instead of bouncing around painfully on your back or side. The angle also allows it to be worn across your back messenger style or across your shoulders traditional style, depending on your preference. The main bucket opening is angled slightly down so that you can easily reach your hand inside without having to fight with the bag to get inside.

The Dimensions: The actual dimensions of the bag are 16" long x 12" long x 4.5" deep. It weighs in at 4 and a half pounds empty, just solid enough so you know it is there for you without giving anybody a back ache.

What does it carry?

The Wayfarer has just the right amount of pockets to keep everything neat and tidy, while still leaving an enormous open bucket for everything else. You can fit a surprising amount of stuff in the Wayfarer, and it will accommodate even oddly shaped items (camera and lens, spare clothes, gym shoes, priceless artifacts, etc...) with ease.

On the outside: Two large pockets on the front expand out to fit an iPad Mini, and a laptop charger. Two covered side pockets work perfect as a quick place to stash your phone and a few pens for quick access. There is also a newspaper pocket on the back for maps, magazines, and any other hassle free quick access items you want.

  1. Umbrella
  2. Thermos
  3. 15" Macbook Pro & Charging Cord
  4. iPhone & Stylus
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Intrepid Slim Wallet
  7. Moleskine Notebook & 2 Maps
  8. Sketching Pencils
  9. Hard drive
  10. Intrepid Tech Roll
  11. iPad Mini
  12. Book
  13. Comb
  14. Pocket Knife
  15. DSLR
  16. Charging Cords and Brick, Earphones
  17. Battery Back-Up Charger
  18. Keys
  19. Rock Climbing Shoes & Carabiner
  20. Change of Clothes
On the inside: One padded laptop sleeve that fits up to a 15" laptop. There is also a leather iPad sleeve to keep it safe-n-sound and snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug. The aforementioned enormous main bucket will fit a ton of items without breaking a sweat (just check out our bagsplosion shot above if you want proof). Also, we have included our signature hidden passport pocket inside the laptop sleeve, because every good bag should have a hidden pocket!

Outside Mounting Points: Still need more room for additional stuff? We've included two mounting points on the bottom so you can lash on anything you can think of with a couple straps (coming soon...). We've thought of everything!

What is it made of?

We spared no expense in sourcing amazing quality materials for all our products from responsible providers. Even the best designed bags are only as good as the quality of the materials and workmanship that goes into them. We built the Wayfarer to be both durable and stylish and to last for many many years to come. Whether you are exploring ancient ruins, or sitting in a board room meeting, the Wayfarer Messenger will fit right in and draw envious glances galore.

The Leather: We use our own USA sourced coffee full grain saddle leather for Wayfarer construction. It's the same leather used in making saddles, boots, and bull whips. This leather is incredibly high quality, thick, and durable, while still having a refined stylish look about it. We developed this leather to tell your story. The leather will age with you and develop its own patina over time of scratches and marks that fade and become a part of your own Wayfarer's personality. What will your Wayfarer say about you?

The Lining: We've lined the bag with our own trademark charcoal herringbone fabric. This fabric is a durable cotton material that can take a beating and still look really good. While other bag makers neglect to line their bags for a variety of reasons, we feel it gives the bag a nice finished look and a quiet air of rugged sophistication.

The Stitching: The bag is held together with a super strong marine-grade UV resistant nylon stitching. This stitching won't break down over time when exposed to sunlight like most other threads. This stuff is so strong it is, in fact, the same stitching used in parachute construction!

The Hardware: We used solid forged steel hardware that will never ever break. Ever. It has a silver finish which, we feel, gives the bag a classy look. Under the front buckles are two forged steel tuck clasps so you can quickly open the bag with the push of a button and close the bag with a slip and a click. On the back of the Wayfarer we have attached the lay-flat handle with two hand-pounded copper rivets. The copper rivets are amazing because they are not only incredibly strong, they too will age over time and develop their own unique patina.

Well that's all for now folks! Thanks and we hope you've enjoyed getting a closer look at the Intrepid Bag Co. Wayfarer Messenger bag!

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