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    Adenture Satchel

    Rugged Leather Messenger Bag

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      Convertible Leather Backpack

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        Minimalist Leather Messenger

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          Versatile Leather Messenger Bag

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            The Intrepid Bag Co

            Adventure Ready Leather Bags

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            Regain Your Sense of Wander

            Intrepid Bags came from a tireless search for high-quality craftsmanship born out of prideful tradition rather than the bottom line, resulting in the ultimate leather bags for tech and travel, with unique hands-free styling that will leave you free to revel in the journey.

            From the blog

            "This may be the world's best EDC bag."

            -Jon Stokes,

            "Just plain beautiful."

            -Steve Sande,

            "An impressive leather messenger bag that can go corporate."

            -Seth Weintraub,

            "These might be the last iPad and Macbook bags you'll ever need"

            -Charlie Sorrel,

            "Pictures don't do this bag justice. High quality materials and workmanship."

            -Josh, Seattle

            "Lara Croft Would Totally Rock these Intrepid Bags"

            -Chance Kinney,